Calling All Dog Lovers: Welcome to DogJoy.Love!

Calling All Dog Lovers: Welcome to DogJoy.Love!

To all of our fellow dog-loving people, meet your favorite new lifestyle brand: DogJoy.Love!

We were created with one thing in mind – how much we love our dogs. 

What is DogJoy? 

You know that feeling of watching your dog run back and forth through the yard chasing their  favorite ball? They’ve got a huge grin on their face with their ears flopping all around. Or how about when you come home from a long day and you see your four-legged friend fly  around the corner with their tail wagging so fast it’s knocking over everything in sight? 

That, my friend, is what we call DogJoy. 

Dog Joy is what our pets experience at the height of happiness; when they are genuinely and authentically happy. It usually doesn’t take much– just a good roll in the grass or the anticipation of a walk.

Who is DogJoy.Love?

DogJoy.Love is a lifestyle brand focused on celebrating the love and joy our dogs feel in even the simplest of every-day activities. 

We create fun, heartfelt apparel and accessories that drive a sense of love and celebration for DogJoy.

Our purpose is to encourage the love of dogs and to highlight the pleasure they experience, while also advancing the care and support of these beloved creatures. We do this by donating 20% of our profits towards animal-rescue organizations. We believe in the welfare of ALL animals. 

What Inspired DogJoy?

There’s no doubt that dogs find pleasure in hanging out with their people, from the most extravagant doggie-date-nights to the simplicities of playing fetch or getting belly scratches from mom: the sense of joy is the same. 

"We landed on the term on a Friday. I know this only because I can remember the setting, and the setting fits with a Friday. That’s the day we will sit with a glass of wine and discuss things from the week with the whole gang.
Sasha and Teddy participate in our conversations as much as if they are speaking. Their eyes and their smile say it all - There is joy there. During these intimate moments, we would really appreciate this quality and we would stop and take it in.
Soon we were using the term DogJoy with reckless abandon. Inside our home, outside around the neighborhood, with our own dogs, with other dogs…you name it, there it was. DogJoy really is all around us!"

In that moment, the concept of joy became so clear and it was a profound lesson in what it really means to find joy in the little things. It’s not about extravagance, it’s about simplicity and a sense of belonging. 

It really is the most simple and intimate moments with the ones we love that we feel the most joy. 

Shop Our Apparel

We currently have three different collections available for purchase: the Logo Series, the DJL Intro Series and the Adventure Series. 

Our Logo Series boasts the DogJoy.Love logo and comes in four different colors. 

The Intro Series highlights four different scenes - DJL Ball, DJL Frisbee, DJL Jeep and DJL Skateboard. Each of these tees comes in two different colors.

The Adventure Series portrays four more scenes - Beach Pup, Paddle Pup, Park Pup and Snow Pup. Each of these tees currently only comes in one color. 

All of our shirts are Bella + Canvas Unisex tees.  


Choose your favorite tee from our collections and join us in celebrating the delightful nature of seeing DogJoy in action!