Meet the Executives – DogJoy.Love

Meet the Executives

Meet Sasha and Teddy. Sasha is our CEO, Chief Entertainment Officer; Teddy is our CIO, Chief Inspiration Officer. They have more than earned these titles as they are our greatest source of entertainment and inspiration. These two executive rescues have a combined 24 years in the business of Joy and Love. Our company is an homage to these "corporate" dynamos and building this brand has been gratifying beyond measure.

Where do you find your Joy and Love? Please help us to fulfill our mission by sporting DogJoy.Love apparel, spreading the word about our community, or simply sharing your DogJoy stories with us.

Our admiration of the joyfulness in Sasha and Teddy led to the concept of DogJoy. We had seen it, time and again. Sasha bolting to the water when we got to the beach; Teddy rolling in the grass with complete exuberance. We knew the feeling but we hadn't put a name to it...

Like most of us, we love our Fridays! Each Friday we would sit in our living room at the end of the day and share stories from the week over a glass of wine. Our dogs would (naturally) be with us and we would always take note of the contentment on their faces. Their sense of joy in being with us was never lost on us. It was joy from the intimacy of being with their pack and it was palpable. At some point we recognized this as "DogJoy". We would continue to use this term and one day as I was driving through my neighborhood it occurred to me that this might be a really fun lifestyle brand for dog lovers. And step by small step we have arrived at our launch. We intend to grow our catalog with many more fun things in the very near future so please stay tuned!