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Shelter Spotlight: SPCA Tampa Bay

Dogjoy is the foundation of our brand. Not only do we celebrate and share dogjoy, but we also work to create more of it by giving back to vetted animal rescue shelters.

As a part of our mission, DogJoy.Love will be spotlighting one animal rescue organization each quarter, with 20% of all profits from that quarter going to that organization.

This quarter, we're excited to spotlight SPCA Tampa Bay.

About SPCA Tampa Bay

The SPCA Tampa Bay is the only non-profit, animal welfare agency that runs an open-admission For-All animal shelter and veterinary center in Pinellas County. 

Their animal shelter in Largo cares for over 8,000 animals annually that have been surrendered by their owners, along with injured wildlife.

SPCA Tampa Bay's Vision, Mission & Values

SPCA Tampa Bay is committed to finding forever homes for all animals, and they rely heavily on the support of the community to make this dream come true. 

SPCA Tampa Bay firmly believes that a strong community plays a pivotal role in animal welfare. To this end, the shelter actively engages with the community through educational programs, outreach events, and partnerships. 

  • SPCA Tampa Bay's Vision: Create a community where every animal matters.
  • SPCA Tampa Bay's Mission: Through passionate collaboration with our community, we transform the lives of animals.
  • SPCA Tampa Bay's Core Values: Compassion, Community, Customer Experience and Teamwork. 

SPCA Tampa Bay Volunteers

The heart of SPCA Tampa Bay beats strongly with the dedication of its volunteers. Their team consists of 90 staff members ad 250 dedicated volunteers. These selfless individuals contribute their time, skills, and passion to support the shelter's mission.

SPCA Tampa Bay stands as a shining example of what an animal welfare organization can achieve through dedication and unwavering compassion. From its commitment to finding forever homes for animals to its extensive community engagement efforts, this shelter has truly earned its place as a beacon of hope in the world of animal rescue.


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